DocuNECT Tech Refresh

This article provides a link to the DocuNECT Tech Refresh webinar held on 10/25/2017.

This webinar contains the latest information about the DocuNECT v5 product suite and has the following agenda:

What is DocuNECT?
Advanced Extraction Capabilities and Machine Learning.
Joining Capture and Workflow Together.
Integration with ApplicationXtender.

Documentum Problems Solved: Strategies for Successful Integrations, Migrations and Performance Improvements

EMC’s Documentum platform is arguably one of the most complex, highly customized and challenging environments for IT professionals to manage. Gaining visibility into the performance of the various servers across the Documentum environment is challenging but crucial; and maintaining performance monitoring thresholds during customization projects is a severe headache.

Furthermore, how do you ensure you are getting the true performance picture inside Documentum’s infrastructure? And how could you possible plan for complex integration and migration projects without it?

Join Correlsense and Portford Solutions Group for an online seminar which will offer solutions to these key issues. During this session we will discuss:

  • Best practices for successful Documentum integration projects
  • Managing migration projects successfully with the right data
  • The best tools to gain visibility across the entire Documentum environment
Register today by clicking on the link below:

Read about the product:

Webinar: A Solution for Device Tracking

Portford Solutions Introduces: DocuNECT for Device Tracking
Medical Device manufacturers are required by the FDA to track certain types of devices from manufacture through the distribution chain. The FDA released 21 CFR Part 821, which governs the requirements around the tracking process