The cloud used to be a potential option for managing budgets, but is now a strategic direction that is essential for business agility and cost management. DocuNECT On-Demand is a cloud document management solution that provides secure access to your documents without the need for capital expenditure and infrastructure management…just “pay-as-you-go”. The solution is hosted in Microsoft Azure and has a foundation of industry leading security.

Portford Cloud

Cloud Document Management – Instant Access

Cloud document management provides on-demand software and lends itself to rapid deployment as the infrastructure already exists. This model has the following benefits:

  • No initial capital outlay as the model is “pay as you go”
  • We manage the infrastructure and the software (Patches/Upgrades etc.)
  • As the environment is already up, your solution can be deployed rapidly so you can realize the value quickly
  • Access Anywhere! As your system will be hosted over a secure, encrypted connection, you can access your documents from any location that has an internet connection


In order to provide the best service and security to our customers the Portford Cloud is hosted Microsoft Azure. All data is encrypted in both transit and at rest with multiple firewall and deep security protection. Portford’s quality team will support you through the due-diligence process to make sure you feel comfortable that your data is being well managed.

Portford’s DocuNECT™ OnDemand Cloud Achieves SOC Type II


DocuNECT On-Demand

The On-Demand cloud document management solution has the full functionality of DocuNECT Lifecycle:

  • Classify documents by associating them with business data
  • Version control to maintain the integrity of your documents
  • Automated E-mail/Faxing
  • Cloud Document Management
  • Security to make sure that only the right users have access to the right documents
  • Role based dashboards to provide intuitive interfaces for different roles
  • Dashboard and Management Reporting
  • Powerful search, both on the content of the document and the associated business data
  • Manage the retention of document through policies
  • Automate document related business processes
  • Audit to provide a complete history of who accessed the document and what actions they performed
  • Even though your solution is based in the cloud, you can scan from your desktop, add documents from Microsoft Office, and use the Virtual Print Driver
  • Utilize network based scanners to scan directly to the cloud

DocuNECT Discovery as a Service (DDaaS)

Use our web API’s to add the full capabilities of DocuNECT Discovery to your business application and processes.