Immediate Results

Managing document conversion projects can take away resources from critical tasks. Consider bringing in a team of professionals to make an immediate impact and avoid the hassle of in-house scanning. Portford Solutions provides a full range of document conversion services to help achieve paperless environments. Experienced managers trust Portford to deliver:

  • Cost-Effective Conversion
  • Accurate Data Extraction
  • Latest Capture Technology
  • Available On-Site Scanning
  • Customized Output Formats

Quality Assurance

Scanning documents is not enough without confidence in the results. Portford has developed a proprietary methodology for quality control called Idea to Implementation (i2i) which includes well-defined procedures to ensure a reliable conversion. These techniques can be customized to accommodate a wide array of projects with a minimal piloting and testing phase. The core of i2i methodology is the result of years of providing document conversion services to firms in highly regulated industries.

Tangible Benefits

Soon after initiation the electronic documents begin arriving by CD-ROM or a secure FTP site. These files form a completed conversion archive designed to be searchable by date, name, or other index value. The improved access to vital data helps organizations comply with federal regulations and document retention policies. Specific services Portford offers include:

  • Document Scanning
    Preparation, scanning, and indexing by Portford’s highly trained staff
  • Data Capture
    Extraction, validation, and organization of critical data within paper and electronic files
  • Electronic Document Conversion
    Migration of files from legacy systems into the most current formats
  • Microfilm Conversion
    Transformation of microfilm, microfiche, and book archives into usable records within a document management system
  • Large Format Scanning
    Conversion of B, C, D and E size drawings into high-resolution images in any format