Human resource management generates a number of different documents that need to be accessed and stored, with numerous files having to be maintained for every employee and applicant. In addition, ensuring compliance with internal policies and regulations and timelines for ADA and FMLA is critical as well as improving overall efficiency.

Electronic Employee Files

Securely store employee files in a central repository to make them accessible to the appropriate personnel. Easily apply records retention on the different employee document types to meet compliance and regulations.

Recruitment and Skills Management

Store resumes, training and industry certifications to create a searchable archive on existing and prospective candidates.

Human Resource Policies

Easily make handbook and other policies available to different employees depending on their role to make sure they have access to the latest information.

Portford Corporate - Bigger

    Capture documents from a number of different sources.


    Use business rules to classify documents and extract data.


    Delivery documents via workflow and system integration.


    Secure repository for managing documents.


    Manage the document retention and disposition process.