At the end of 2021, the robust document management software ApplicationXtender (AX) was rebranded as AppEnhancer. While the OpenText product’s name changed, the winning features that put it on the map remained. And now, with the 22.2 release, new features to further “enhance” business processes have been made available.

Integrations for Process Improvement

AppEnhancer 22.2 integrates with Core Signature, OpenText’s electronic signature platform. This new integration enables users to expedite the signature process and archive documents from Core Signature easily.

Additionally, the latest release of AppEnhancer offers a deeper integration with AppWorks, OpenText’s application development platform. The software now offers full feature parity with the legacy workflow management engine’s viewer and document management capabilities. The upgraded integration improves document handling and streamlines metadata management.

Cloud Readiness for a Strengthened Environment

As more and more organizations adopt the cloud for data and document management, cloud readiness is critical to functionality. Using the Docker container runtime, the latest version of AppEnhancer offers Docker images to deploy selected AppEnhancer components.

For a higher level of security, SAML2 enhancement will provide robust authentication to ensure your documents are secure and accessible only to those with permission.

Additional Updates

And the AppEnhancer updates don’t end there! In addition to the features mentioned above, version 22.2 brings:

  • Updated Component Registration Wizard to enable scripted installations and container-based deployments
  • Improved indexing services, including queue management and deployment
  • Expanded web access for integrations and tools
  • Added administrator control configurations for server and application management

Easy to Use. Easy to Deploy

With a trusted document management platform like AppEnhancer, organizations can securely connect employees, clients, and partners with applicable content. AppEnhancer offers a superior interface with workflow automation to automate tedious, manual tasks and empower knowledge workers to focus on higher value functions.

No-code configurations allow users to develop new applications and manage security access all within the interface, making the platform easily accessible to your non-technical teams. And with broadened support for authentication, you can feel confident that your documents are secure and visible only to those with the correct permission.