Portford Solutions Group, Inc. was established in 2000 with a mission to become a single source provider for a range of document management solutions and services. We have developed document management software that controls the complete document lifecycle either on premise or in the Portford Cloud.


Portford collaborates with leading technology partners to deliver value through a broad range of document management solutions and technologies. We provide a range of technology, implementation and support services to help you implement a successful solution.

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Understanding Transactional Content Management

The term Transactional Content Management (TCM) has often been associated with legacy imaging systems, which created a perception that the functionality is no longer required, which is far from the truth.
OpenText AppEnhancer

OpenText™ AppEnhancer Version 22.2 Has Arrived

At the end of 2021, the robust document management software ApplicationXtender (AX) was rebranded as AppEnhancer. While the OpenText product’s name changed, the winning features that put it on the map remained. And now, with the 22.2 release, new features to further “enhance” business processes have been made available.

OpenText ApplicationXtender Rebrands as AppEnhancer

Formerly known as ApplicationXtender (AX), OpenText™ AppEnhancer boasts powerful workflow automation and integration capabilities, print stream capture, and cloud-based tools to reduce manual document processing and boost productivity.
Aquaforest Partner

Portford Partners with Aquaforest

Aquaforest was established in 2001 to provide High Performance PDF, OCR and SharePoint products to a world-wide market. Aquaforest are experts in Searchable PDFs. Thousands of organizations rely on Aquaforest solutions as part of their document workflow processes.
OpenText - ACM

ApplicationXtender Changes Name

ApplicationXtender, also known as AppXtender or AX, has rebranded as Application Content Management (ACM) by OpenText. The name change reflects ACM’s core benefit: adding content management to business applications, including electronic resource planning (ERP) software, accounting software, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, and other systems.
OpenText AX v20.4

ApplicationXtender v20.4 Released

ApplicationXtender(AX) 20.4 now includes a new workflow automation engine powered by OpenText AppWorks, replacing Workflow Manager. AX 20.4 also captures digital print streams with its integration with OpenText Output Transformation Server (OTS), replacing Reports Manager.

WSFS Announces eSignature Capabilities on its eVault Platform

Institutional Services®, a division of WSFS Bank, announced the extension of its automated verification services with the addition of eVault services, a single sign-on program that maintains the integrity of electronically signed documents, verification data and reports.
OpenText ApplicationXtender v20.3 Released

OpenText Releases Next Generation of ApplicationXtender - v20.3

The next generation of OpenText’s ApplicationXtender platform, named 20.3 for the year and quarter of its release date, will bring new cloud capabilities and intelligent automation. It will also include improved integrations for streamlining document management across a wide array of departments and capabilities.
Here to Help!

COVID 19: Transition Your Workforce to Remote Working

Portford is here to help you transition your document management operation to remote working due to the COVID restrictions.


The number of technologies in this space makes selecting the right technology challenging and time consuming. We believe we have selected and developed the best technologies in the marketplace that will give you industry specific solutions, because our technology set covers the complete document lifecycle, including document capture, classification, distribution, management, and records retention.