Portford Solutions Group, Inc. was established in 2000 with a mission to become a single source provider for a range of document management solutions and services. We have developed document management software that controls the complete document lifecycle either on premise or in the Portford Cloud.


Document management software to manage the complete document lifecycle.

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Portford - Software Release

ApplicationXtender v16.6 is Released!

New features in ApplicationXtender 16.6 Integration with Oracle Outside In Integration with Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS) Support for Microsoft Azure Core Services Support OpenText Directory Services (OTDS) Document Manager Enhancements Web Access Enhancements Administrator Enhancements
Portford - Digital Transformation

A Guide: Document Management and Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a general term to describe moving a manual process to a digital (computerized) solution to increase efficiency and automation. This has obviously been going on for some time as this is the main benefit of software solutions in the first place.
Portford - Intelligent Capture

Whats is Intelligent Capture?

Somewhere along the way the intelligence in capture technologies has been associated with what OCR engine the product uses…and this is not accurate. Intelligent capture is much more than OCR, it’s about discovering and verifying data in all types and formats of documents by using technology with the goal of minimizing the input from the user.
Portford - DocuNECT v5.2

DocuNECT v5.2 Released

The need to gather and analyze information is ever increasing, and the reliance on analytics to help guide business strategy and decision-making places pressure on the veracity of information. Digital Transformation has enabled data, once locked in documents, to be made available to these platforms.
DocuNECT Medical Device Tracking

Medical Device Tracking with DocuNECT

Medical Device manufacturers are required by the FDA to track certain types of devices from manufacture through the distribution chain to patients. The FDA released 21 CFR Part 821, which governs the requirements around the tracking process. Our DocuNECT solution is used by both large and small Medical Companies, in the cloud and on-premise.
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Selecting the Right Cloud Solution Provider

More and more solution providers are offering cloud-based solutions, but are they offering technology or a solution…and what’s the difference?
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RECORDED Healthcare Webinar: Your Path to Digital Transformation with OpenText ApplicationXtender

This article provides a link to the ApplicationXtender Healthcare…
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Healthcare Webinar: Your Path to Digital Transformation with OpenText ApplicationXtender

The stages of digital readiness varies widely among health-care…
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Extend the Life of Your Scanners with V-Care

For customers with several document scanners consisting of possibly…


The number of technologies in this space makes selecting the right technology challenging and time consuming. We believe we have selected and developed the best technologies in the marketplace that will give you industry specific solutions, because our technology set covers the complete document lifecycle, including document capture, classification, distribution, management, and records retention.