Creating the Ultimate Web Experience

Customers have high expectations of websites: interactivity, personalization, relevant content, and more. Join us Tuesday November 16th 8am PST as EMC presents a Live Webcast on the best practices for creating, managing, and delivering dynamic web experiences.

With a solution from EMC and Portford, you can meet these demands and improve the entire web publishing process—delivering the most compelling experience to your customers

Attend this event to:

  • Learn about the best practices to use the Web to its fullest potential as a tool for marketing, branding, and business growth
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the powerful technologies EMC has to offer to optimize your web publishing process-from content creation to multi-channel web delivery to web analytics.
  • See how organizations have successfully built persuasive online experiences that leverage social media, personalization, realtime tracking, optimization, and rich media

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Confronting SharePoint Implementation Challenges

Organizations are increasingly leveraging SharePoint to enable effective document collaboration while making documents available. While a great tool for any organization, SharePoint is not necessarily the right tool for storing all document types. For customers with large volumes of documents and with fixed document types, ApplicationXtender continues to provide capabilities not available in a traditional SharePoint environment.
SharePoint has a number of strong features to support portal and collaborative requirements. In large scale deployments however, organizations often find that SharePoint does not address all of the requirements for content management.

  • SharePoint relies upon Microsoft SQL Server databases for storing both content and metadata. This reliance upon SQL databases makes SharePoint difficult to manage and hack up, especially as it scales to store large numbers of documents. In addition, high-availability requirements, such as replication, mirroring, and clustering, are limited and difficult to configure.
  • For customers that scan moderate to high volumes of documents or need to store millions of documents, SharePoint may require more than one repository. This introduces challenges to organizations that need to provide a single point of access for all documents.
  • SharePoint does not provide imaging features. SharePoint user interfaces are not able to view all common image formats nor does it support image enhancement functions required to improve the quality of scanned images, such as line and border removal, de skewing, noise removal, and rotation.
  • SharePoint has limited facilities for developing and executing complex processes in highly scalable environments, requiring extensive customization or reliance upon third-patty tools to provide effective automation and routing.
  • Sharepoint provides no capability for archiving old, infrequently accessed content that must be retained for e-discovery, compliance, or long-term preservation. Disconnected silos of SharePoint content are rarely controlled in accordance with corporate policies and external regulations.
  • Without relying upon third-party applications, SharePoint does not address the lifecycle of content, especially at its “beginning (document capture) and “end” (publishing, retention management, and archiving).
  • Without relying upon third-party applications, SharePoint does not address the lifecycle of content, especially at its “beginning (document capture) and “end” (publishing, retention management, and archiving).

Join us on September 30th at 10am PST to learn how customers have overcome these challenges using Portford’s award winning DocuNECT electronic capture platform and ApplicationXtender. With Sharepoint integration for ApplicationXtender, organizations can not only provide ease of use and complete document access through SharePoint, they can continue to leverage the strong document management and capabilities in ApplicationXtender. DocuNECT provides rule based automated capture of any electronic files making it easy to set up COLD reporting and content migration into SharePoint.

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Webinar: In-House eDiscovery for Corporations with Simplicity and Defensibility

EMC SourceOne™ eDiscovery – Kazeon automates in-house identification, collection, preservation (legal hold), processing, analysis, review, and policy-based management of unstructured content. It works with data sources such as file shares, desktops, laptops, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Lotus Domino, Symantec Enterprise Vault, and EMC Documentum. The product enables your legal and IT teams to respond rapidly and efficiently to today’s information governance needs, including litigation, investigations, and compliance. In addition, you can proactively discover, classify, manage, and preserve information according to business value and risk.

Join us June 3rd at 10am PST for a free online seminar to learn how EMC SourceOne eDiscovery – Kazeon delivers the following features and benefits.

  • Enhanced effectiveness for litigation and investigations – Perform in-house eDiscovery on potentially relevant information quickly, accurately, and defensibly
  • Lower eDiscovery costs – Reduce or eliminate outsourcing costs through in-house eDiscovery processes that are automated and repeatable
  • Maximized defensibility – Employ a pure eDiscovery solution and proven litigation hold process, including audit trails and chain-of-custody
  • Increased IT and legal efficiency – Establish the business value of ESI for easier identification, management, and retrieval
  • Full-functionality, in-house eDiscovery – Proved complete Early Case Assessment and First-Pass Review capabilities for in-house counsel

Join us June 3rd at 10am PST for an overview and demonstration of EMC SourceOne™ eDiscovery – Kazeon.

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This is a free event, however registration is limited. If you have any questions, please contact: or call (949) 333-0331.