The next generation of OpenText’s ApplicationXtender platform, named 20.3 for the year and quarter of its release date, will bring new cloud capabilities and intelligent automation. It will also include improved integrations for streamlining document management across a wide array of departments and capabilities.

ApplicationXtender, more commonly known as “AX,” is a mid-market electronic content management (ECM) platform that provides line-of-business and embedded ECM solutions. It has greatly benefited companies in all industries. AX 20.3 will only bring more advantages. It will offer a host of new integrations and improved tools for digital collaboration.

What is ApplicationXtender?

AX acts as an extension of your back-end core system, creating streamlined workflow automation and third-party integrations. These integrations include accounting software, electronic medical and health record software (EMR/EHR), mortgage automation solutions like loan origination systems, and more.

AX incorporates five modules, allowing you to:

  • Scan and capture documents, including emails and attachments
  • Integrate with third-party platforms like Microsoft 365 and Azure
  • Search documents with full-text capabilities
  • Capture and import reports
  • Secure documents with public access licenses

The Evolution of ApplicationXtender

Through the years, OpenText has made several improvements to this document management software application. The 20.3 release will build on last year’s updates, which focused on certifications, viewer enhancement, directory services and Oracle Outside In Technology for improved content rendering. This generation’s enhancements will improve performance and speed while adding tools for even greater efficiency.

The AX 20.3 Road Map: 2020 and Beyond

AX 20.3 will include a variety of new features and certifications for products like Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS). Cloud support will contain Microsoft Office 365 integration, SAML 2 support, service-based admin tasks, and storage adapt frameworks. For clients in key verticals such as finance, healthcare, or education, expanded internal and external integrations will allow seamless automation between platforms.

Additionally, improved intelligent automation will support administrator APIs, role-based admin consoles, and AppWorks integration for standardizing business process automation.

The 2020 roadmap will continue to bring changes in Q4 and beyond. Watch for updates in these key areas:

Platform Support:

  • User productivity improvements

Cloud Support: 

  • Containerized deployment
  • AWS Certification
  • GCP Certification

Intelligent Automation

  • Analytics integration with Magellan
  • OpenText Core Share integration