New features in ApplicationXtender 16.6

  • Integration with Oracle Outside In
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS)
  • Support for Microsoft Azure Core Services
  • Support OpenText Directory Services (OTDS)
  • Document Manager Enhancements
  • Web Access Enhancements
  • Administrator Enhancements

Integration with Oracle Outside In Technology

KeyView was replaced by Outside In 8.5.4 in AX Document Manager, AX Index Server, and AX Render Server.

Integration with Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS)

Office Online Server (OOS) is the next version of Office Web Apps Server. OOS enables viewing and editing Microsoft Office Documents within an embedded viewer.

  • To install OOS, visit

    • Note: A Windows Server operating system is required to install OOS. The target host machine should be added in a domain. Refer to the Microsoft documentation for more information.

  • Added Edit in Browser and Save to AX buttons to the toolbar on the OOS view page.
  • Users can view Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files.
  • Users can edit only OpenXML format documents (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, etc.), but not binary format document (.doc, .xls, .ppt, etc.).

Support for Microsoft Azure Core Services

ApplicationXtender 16.6 supports Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Azure Database, and Azure Files.

Support OpenText Directory Services (OTDS)

OpenText Directory Services (OTDS) manages the users for single sign on (SSO) to the OpenText Enterprise Information Management products.

Document Manager Enhancements

When the user imports files via Index Image Import or Reports Management, the creation date and local time are displayed

Web Access Enhancements

  • Added the Last Index Document button to the batch index page
  • Added the Last Modified Indexes control, which appears after attaching pages from a batch to an existing document
  • Display user’s full name instead of user ID in batch list
  • Allow scanned images to be saved as TIFF, JPEG, PDF, or PNG format
  • Added options for insert before, insert after, and append when importing files to create a new page
  • Added Pages, Document ID, and Full-Text Hits fields to Customize Query Results settings page
  • Added smart filtering for UDL fields, which displays all values containing the word entered
  • Added Previous and Next page buttons to the result set preview popup window
  • Enable column filtering of the result set
    • To enable filtering, click the Open/Close Filter icon and enter the conditions. The default filter operation is equal (=). Supported operators are: =, !=, >, >=, and wildcard (*) at beginning and/or end of a string.

    • Note: The filtering applies only to the results displayed.

  • Enhanced multiple document export by packaging the export file as a zip file that is structured as follows: Zip Zip\AppID AppID AppID\DocIDDocID DocID \FileNameFileName FileName FileName
  • Added Subfolder column to index file export that combines AppID and DocID to match the documents exported
  • Allow the Auto-Index data to populate in the index if a match is found
  • Added the ability to insert a new page with clipboard paste when using Chrome or Firefox browser

Administrator Enhancements

  • Added the ability to sort a batch list with added WX user settings and save between sessions

    • The settings appear under the Batch node of the Web Access User Settings page in ApplicationXtender Administrator

  • Added the ability to delete all values in the Data Values List on the Document Level Security tab in ApplicationXtender Administrator
  • Allow users to configure hidden fields that are only visible to users with administrator privilege
  • A warning message is displayed when an item is removed from a user-defined list