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RECORDED Healthcare Webinar: Your Path to Digital Transformation with OpenText ApplicationXtender

This article provides a link to the ApplicationXtender Healthcare webinar held on 09/27/2018. Agenda A Digital Future The Solution – OpenText ApplicationXtender How Do I Get There? Recorded Webinar

Healthcare Webinar: Your Path to Digital Transformation with OpenText ApplicationXtender

The stages of digital readiness varies widely among health-care organizations. While some clinics and diagnostics companies started in the digital age and have never had paper files, older practices may have filing cabinets overflowing with paper records. In the middle, there are organizations that have moved new cases and much of their data to computerized systems but still rely on paper for most of their patient interactions. While the EMR/EHR application will always be the central repository of patient data, there is a clear need to house old records and patient-related documents in a digital system. Using modern ECM, you will have a platform to both collect and manage information and act as a HIPAA compliant repository for that content.

You’ll Learn
  • Capturing Documents from Different Sources (Scanners, Desktop, Business Apps etc)
  • Centralize and Secure the Storage and Access of Patient Documents
  • Automating Patient Information with Document Workflow
  • Easily Integrate with your existing EMR/EHR system
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Date: Thursday, September 27, 2018 10:00 am PST

Duration: 30 minutes

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Extend the Life of Your Scanners with V-Care

For customers with several document scanners consisting of possibly different brands and maintenance expiration dates, Portford now offers a program called V-Care that consolidates your scanner service contracts and greatly reduces your cost of administration. V-Care is a cost-effective scanner service and support package that includes scanner repair coverage combined with preventative maintenance and consumable parts (rollers) as well as cleaning supplies. The maintenance program for each scanner is customized based on how each scanner is being used in the scanning operation. The result is maximized scanner up-time and reduced administrative costs by consolidating scanner service contracts and vendors.

Below are some additional advantages and benefits of the V-care scanner service program

  • IMMEDIATE RESPONSE TO SERVICE ISSUES through the Customer Support Center where experienced technicians answer the phone when a service call is placed. (A technician is dispatched if the problem cannot be resolved quickly over the phone.)
  • ALL SCANNERS HAVE CO-TERMED SERVICE COVERAGE providing one common expiration date under one contract, regardless of brand or purchase date, minimizing contract administration cost.
  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE (PM) VISITS ARE INCLUDED for each production scanner. PM’s are pre-scheduled and dispatched automatically by the Customer Support Center.
  • CONSUMABLE KITS ARE INCLUDED in the service contract. Rollers in the kit are needed by the technician for the PM’s. The cleaning supplies in the kit are used by scanner operators for routine daily maintenance.
  • 3-YEAR CONTRACTS (PAYABLE ONE YEAR AT A TIME) ease administration and avoid annual price increases. Discounts may be available for 3-year contracts paid in advance.
  • FLEXIBILITY TO MOVE SCANNERS ON AND OFF THE CONTRACT WITHOUT PENALTY New scanners are prorated to line up with current contract expiration dates. Unused service payments for retired scanners are credited back to the customer.
  • SCANNER SERVICE HISTORY IS AVAILABLE through the Service Management Portal (only for service calls placed to the Customer Support Center).
  • LOW COST ADVANCE EXCHANGE ERVICE FOR LOW-VOLUME/DESKTOP (FUJITSU) SCANNERS is available (replacement scanner shipped overnight).

For more information or to schedule an assessment of your scanner fleet, please contact your Portford representative today!