Loan Dilligence

Electronic communications has changed the way loan portfolio acquisitions are processed and managed. The Loan Servicing marketplace has changed, and the new approach calls for increased throughput, ease of access, and the need to operate 24/7.

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Loan Dilligence

Users can review the loan aquisitions received, identify duplicates as well as missing documents and data. Document types from the originator can be mapped to internal document types to make the import process seamless. Reports can be generated to provide reconciliation between what was imported against the original transmittal to confirm that every document is accounted for.

Loan Requisition Management

Loan portfolios can be packaged, reviewed and exported to a specified format that includes a document type stacking order to fullfill loan requisition requests. Reports can be generated to make sure that all documents requested were exported.

System Integration

The system provides powerful system integration capabilities to make it easy for the loan documents to be accessible from third party systems.