Create Actionable Data from Documents

The need to gather and analyze information is ever increasing, and the reliance on analytics to help guide business strategy and decision-making places pressure on the veracity of information. Digital Transformation has enabled data, once locked in documents, to be made available to data analytics platforms. There are many solutions to extract data, but not many provide a complete lifecycle to assist in the verification and remediation to make the data actionable.

DocuNECT v5.2 provides an end-to-end document lifecycle management solution to help your organization capture, extract, verify, and manage information.

Watch the video to learn about DocuNECT Modules.

DocuNECT v5.2 has numerous enhancements, but the following list contains a high-level overview:

New Features

  • Document Capture
    • Provides the ability to add multiple Virtual Print Drivers (VPDs) to the Desktop
    • Easily deploy-able and low-cost client scanning solution
  • Document Discovery
    • Enhanced OCR engine and data extraction methods for more accurate results
    • Enhanced Machine Leaning and Rule Effectivity monitoring to increase automation and efficiency
    • Source linking connects the extracted data with the location it was found in the document
  • Document Distribution
    • Support for more third-party business applications and data management
    • Robust workflow to manage document business processes
  • Document Management and Retention
    • Enhanced document history for to increase compliance and maintain document chain of custody
    • Enhancements made to dynamic folders to manage documents
    • Document alerts can be triggered on document data (e.g. insurance policies or contracts expiring)
    • HTML5 viewer enhancements which increase performance and annotation capabilities
  • Several Performance Enhancements
    • Several performance enhancements have been made to manage high-volume document repositories

Cloud Support

In DocuNECT v5.2, cloud based infrastructure platforms now supported:

  • Supports Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure SQL Databases
  • Supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon RDS for SQL Server
  • Integrates the Microsoft Office Online Viewer to display Microsoft Office documents

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