What’s new with Documentum ApplicationXtender?

ApplicationXtender Connector
EMC ApplicationXtender Connector enables the seamless integration of business applications to ApplicationXtender—without requiring initial programming or on-going maintenance. With ApplicationXtender Connector, employees can access information quickly and easily from virtually any business application, including Microsoft Office products, mainframe terminal emulators, and browser-based applications, to make better decisions faster and deliver higher levels of customer service.

EMC ApplicationXtender Connector delivers:

  • Point-and-click document access
  • – Enable knowledge workers to retrieve documents and information from the ApplicationXtender repository without leaving their line-of-business applications.

  • Maximized investments
  • – Eliminate wasteful redundancies by seamlessly integrating existing applications via ApplicationXtender Integration Module.

  • No required programming
  • – Easily integrate with applications such as Microsoft Office products, mainframe terminal emulators, and browser-based solutions.

  • Floating icon “drop target” – Enable users to capture any value, even from within a web page, to retrieve linked information from the repository.

ApplicationXtender Secure Store
Encrypted secure connection and compatibility with Microsoft’s Encrypted File Serice (EFS) to ensure seamless encryption capabilities for Documentum ApplicationXtender. Secure Store for EMC ApplicationXtender is a secure storage tier for EMC ApplicationXtender. Secure Store is a Microsoft Windows Service with a Web based Administration Interface. The combination of Secure Store and Microsoft EFS makes the deployment of a secure storage tier simple and a affordable. The secure store application provides ApplicationXtender with an encrypted secure connection to Microsoft File Server volumes. Secure Store is a Windows Service that is administered via a web application (simple browser administration). The application is also compatible with Microsoft Encrypted File Service (EFS) that provides seamless at rest encryption.

ApplicationXtender Web Based Administration
User Administration provides a web based User and Group management utility for EMC ApplicationXtender. It utilizes the EMC AppXtender Web CDK technology to seamlessly add user administration functionality.
Supported functionality includes:

  • User Management
  • Group Management
  • AX Native and Windows Security Support
  • Permissions
  • Alternate Security settings
  • Document Level Security
  • User password assignment
  • Delegated Security support
  • Process Id Management