Webinar: In-House eDiscovery for Corporations with Simplicity and Defensibility

EMC SourceOne™ eDiscovery – Kazeon automates in-house identification, collection, preservation (legal hold), processing, analysis, review, and policy-based management of unstructured content. It works with data sources such as file shares, desktops, laptops, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Lotus Domino, Symantec Enterprise Vault, and EMC Documentum. The product enables your legal and IT teams to respond rapidly and efficiently to today’s information governance needs, including litigation, investigations, and compliance. In addition, you can proactively discover, classify, manage, and preserve information according to business value and risk.

Join us June 3rd at 10am PST for a free online seminar to learn how EMC SourceOne eDiscovery – Kazeon delivers the following features and benefits.

  • Enhanced effectiveness for litigation and investigations – Perform in-house eDiscovery on potentially relevant information quickly, accurately, and defensibly
  • Lower eDiscovery costs – Reduce or eliminate outsourcing costs through in-house eDiscovery processes that are automated and repeatable
  • Maximized defensibility – Employ a pure eDiscovery solution and proven litigation hold process, including audit trails and chain-of-custody
  • Increased IT and legal efficiency – Establish the business value of ESI for easier identification, management, and retrieval
  • Full-functionality, in-house eDiscovery – Proved complete Early Case Assessment and First-Pass Review capabilities for in-house counsel

Join us June 3rd at 10am PST for an overview and demonstration of EMC SourceOne™ eDiscovery – Kazeon.

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This is a free event, however registration is limited. If you have any questions, please contact: dan.segura@portfordsolutions.com or call (949) 333-0331.