In the world of Business Intelligence data needs to be made available to the appropriate analysis platforms. This open up a new domain for businesses looking to improve business decisions.

DocuNECT's Discovery module provides a powerful platform for extracting and processing document data.

Templates and Enhanced Business Rules

  • Use business rules to classify documents into different categories, such invoice vendors or loan document types
  • Define document type specific business rules to automatically extract index values, or redact Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Assign contextual rules. For example, if you receive an invoice from a vendor that is significantly greater than the historical average then flag it for review by an operator

Document Classification and Indexing Verification

  • Web-based review module to review automatic classification
  • Re-organize pages and documents within the module
  • Web-based indexing/verification visually indicates where business rules fell below the defined confidence threshold and requires review


  • Calculates business rule effectiveness by analyzing user intervention
  • Analyzes user intervention to recommend adjustments to business rules
  • Use document type history to adjust business rules


"We use DocuNECT's Discovery module to automatically identify different types of loan documents to increase the efficiency of our capture and indexing process. The web-based interface and routing functionality means that we can easily get the right users involved in the review process."

Loan Servicing Officer - Mortgage Company