Important Product Updates

The anticipated end of life for ApplicationXtender version 5.4x is December 31st, 2010. As mentioned in previous announcements, the end of life for ApplicationXtender version 5.3x was on June 30th 2009. The next update to ApplicationXtender will be version 6.5 instead of the previously announced version 6.0 Service Pack 1. Please make sure to contact Portford to make arrangements to upgrade and ensure uninterrupted support services. EMC and Portford have announced that the following software version will be available:

– ApplicationXtender v6.5 (release rescheduled for early 2010)
– Quickscan Pro v4.7 (Including Sharepoint Export – release rescheduled for early 2010)
– eInput v2.1
– Pixtools v8.3
– Input Accel 6.0 SP1 (now available)
– Documentum 6.5 SP2 (now available)
– Documentum CenterStage (limited release)
– Captiva CaptureFlow Designer for IA 6.0 SP1 (limited release)
– DocuNECT 4.2 (release scheduled 1/2010)

If you are unsure of what software version you are running or would like information about new products or upgrades please contact your dedicated account representative or email: or visit

SmartDigitalVault: Intelligence from Corporate Records

Strategic Legal Systems and Portford Solutions have combined IT and legal expertise to create the SmartDigitalVault ( for extracting critical business information from legal records and systematically organize it based on best practices for each business domain. The “smart,” secure repository finds the needed record and generates business reports from the extracted data.

As the “business logic” of the SmartDigitalVault, our SDV Solutions help customers to stay current with legal issues as they arise, while they strategically manage overall risks. For example, we offer targeted, solutions to manage information for these functional areas:

– Customer Contracts
– Vendor Contracts
– Properties and Facilities
– Human Resources
– Franchise Operations & Compliance
– Commercial Real Estate Workouts
– Corporate Governance
– Public Company Compliance
– Investor Relations
– Subsidiary Management
– Chief Financial Officer

The SmartDigitalVault is built on EMC Documentum’s ApplicationXtender document management software and Portford Solution’s award winning DocuNECT electronic capture platform. The SmartDigitalVault provides customers the legal expertise of a general counsel along with the technical expertise of a document management specialist all in a hosted solution.

For more information on the SmartDigitalVault, email Dan Segura @

DocuNECT for Credit Unions

Credit Unions were among the earliest adopters of Portford’s DocuNECT software (formerly called Content Migration Server) due to the fact that they have complex requirements like major banks but are much more cost conscious. Like major banks, Credit Unions offer their members a wide range of products and services. Unlike major banks, however, Credit Unions are not for profit so the need to automate the capture and distribution of member documentation in the most cost effective way possible has made DocuNECT a perfect fit.

Based on the requirements of several AX Credit Union customers Portford developed strong integration capabilities with IMM, a company that produces a number of solutions for the banking industry (electronic forms, check 21, cash receipt solutions, etc). DocuNECT integrates with IMM software to provides seamless capture into ApplicationXtender.

DocuNECT can also help Credit Unions produce reports and member statements and archive them directly into ApplicationXtender. Some Credit Unions outsource the management of reports and statements. DocuNECT provides an flexible capture platform to capture these documents as PDFs which accurately represent the documents physically received by members. Other features such as the Virtual Print Driver and the AX recycle bin have been developed and refined based on the requirements of Credit Unions. It is fair to say that many of the features and capabilities in the DocuNECT capture platform for AX are direct results from working with our Credit Union partners.