DocuNECT v4.2 Released

Portford Solutions announces the release of DocuNECT v4.2 which provide a platform for electronic docment capture and data extraction.

The new version brings with a number of new enhancements, including:

1) Updated Web Gui, included custom HTML pages to provide a more intuituve experience for the user.
2) Update Capture Lifecycle that include advanced capture rules for images and electronic documents.
3) Distributed indexing model. Now users can index documents directly from a link in a email which is ideal for multi-function devices.
4) Updated barcode recognition libraries.

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The Future of Information Governance

Information is the life blood of any modern-day business. Companies succeed or falter based on the reliability, availability, and security of their information. But are most companies properly governing how their information is used, shared, and analyzed? The Economist Intelligence Unit recently conducted a survey of senior executives around the world on the benefits, challenges, and risks associated with developing an enterprise-wide information governance strategy.

The information that companies are busily generating, collecting, and mining offers a wealth of potential benefits. However, its use carries substantial risks. As a result, some organizations are forming formal governance bodies to create strategies, policies, and procedures surrounding the distribution of information inside and outside the firm. This paper seeks to better understand how companies are creating crossfunctional governance bodies to create strategies and policies around corporate information.

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Important Product Updates

The anticipated end of life for ApplicationXtender version 5.4x is December 31st, 2010. As mentioned in previous announcements, the end of life for ApplicationXtender version 5.3x was on June 30th 2009. The next update to ApplicationXtender will be version 6.5 instead of the previously announced version 6.0 Service Pack 1. Please make sure to contact Portford to make arrangements to upgrade and ensure uninterrupted support services. EMC and Portford have announced that the following software version will be available:

– ApplicationXtender v6.5 (release rescheduled for early 2010)
– Quickscan Pro v4.7 (Including Sharepoint Export – release rescheduled for early 2010)
– eInput v2.1
– Pixtools v8.3
– Input Accel 6.0 SP1 (now available)
– Documentum 6.5 SP2 (now available)
– Documentum CenterStage (limited release)
– Captiva CaptureFlow Designer for IA 6.0 SP1 (limited release)
– DocuNECT 4.2 (release scheduled 1/2010)

If you are unsure of what software version you are running or would like information about new products or upgrades please contact your dedicated account representative or email: or visit